Visual Depiction is an architectural visualization studio, based in Warsaw, Poland.

We are specializing in creating high-quality Computer Graphics Images (CGIs) with extreme attention to details and mood, mainly for architects and architectural companies. Our 3D depiction allows to see the future project before it is realized. More than 15 years of experience in the sphere have made it possible to work successfully both with small spaces like interiors and large complex ones like neighborhood or even industrial areas.


We provide the following services:

Exterior visualization          Interior visualization          Product visualization          VR 360° Panorama

Architectural animation          Interior Design          Photo+3D collages          Cloth Modeling


Different projects demand various ways of visualization, therefore, we provide you with an opportunity to create your perfect image choosing among suitable seasons, types of weather or daytime, as well as presence of people and animals. The surrounding for the project can be fully 3D modelled or be a photo.

Our professional qualities altogether with solid knowledge of Technology and Art guarantee completing the project in terms with a perfect result.


Our Awards

The best interiors 2019 CG Visualization Award Ukraine

Evermotion Editors’ Choice Award

VWArtclub Top 10, Week 33

VWArtclub Top 10, July 2019

VWArtclub Top 10, Week 28

VWArtclub Top 10, Week 29